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French Cable Station Museum
French Cable Station Museum
Table, dilapidated
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Object ID 002078

Object Name Table, dilapidated

Object Desc

Collection French Cable Station Museum

Accession # I.08.019

Alternate ID

General Category History

Category Object


Source Category Purchase

Accession Date DEC 30,1971


Location Old AL Vault / library

Object Date

Start Year Range

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Status In Collection

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Date OCT 6,2021

Notes This table was found in 2020 to be in even more of a "delapidated" state. Museum Board member Duane Chase and consultant Dave Hartford agreed that it would be good to try and at least put it back together. Dave took it home and proceeded to clean the various parts with a mold control product "Concrobium". After cleaning, he attempted re-assembling the table to see if all of the parts were present. There were some missing parts which he replaced, including the top. Mahogany deck boards were made to fit and when finished the table was replaced in what is now the museum library and reseach space.