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French Cable Station Museum
French Cable Station Museum
Photo- North Eastham Station
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Object ID 000029

Object Name Photo- North Eastham Station

Object Desc Photo of French Cable Station, North Eastham with nine men at the front of the building For inscription on verso see Notes for this record

Collection French Cable Station Museum

Accession # IM.001.0022

Alternate ID

General Category History

Category Photograph

Source Unkown

Source Category Gift

Accession Date APR 15,2020


Location Orlando Snow Box

Object Date

Start Year Range 1881

End Year Range 1891

Status In Collection

Object Keywords


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Date OCT 5,2022

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Orlando Snow Box from File - automatic entry by admin



Date APR 15,2020

Notes Inscription on verso: "enlargement by Richard C. Kelsey for the tercenenery" in a different hand, "Staff of French Cable Station, North Eastham date? (built 1880)" in another hand: "N. Eastham Station housed the land terminus of the French Cable between 1879 and 1891. One of the Nauset Lights shows at the left of the station"